Wedding Reception Traditions

Wedding Reception Traditions
A country club makes the perfect setting for wedding receptions. Country club receptions offer a host of amenities not found in other locations, and they always do so in elegant style. If you are planning a wedding reception, you will want to ensure adding all of the wedding reception traditions that are popular and make the time together with your guests so special.

Since a marriage is in legal terms the signing of a contract, over time people have tried to make the signing more festive, and thus we now have wedding ceremonies and receptions to commemorate the big event. Wedding receptions are parties that are held after the marriage ceremony, and they usually include a meal, a toast, dances, and other traditions that help make the moment special.

Other activities that you might see at a wedding reception is the tossing of the bridal bouquet and garter. The bouquet is tossed to all of the single women in the room, the garter to the single men, and the lucky catchers are likely to be the next married. Remember your wedding reception traditions fondly at a country club reception.

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