Silhouette Dresses Style

Silhouette Dresses Style
The silhouette is familiar, but I've definitely not seen these dresses. There were elegant evening gowns, complimented by heavy oriental embroideries. I've never liked the whole fringe thing, because I think it looks creepy- like Cousin "It." But this black dress is definitely an exception to the rule.Dresses and skirts with wide belts with exaggerated buckles. Tulip skirts and cropped jackets are both here to stay for at least one more season. Stiffer, more ornate fabrics — like embroidered silk and jacquard — replaced flowy spring fabrics.

This dress is my absolute favourite. I love the barely there lilac shade. I love the orchids strewn artistically down the dress (it is apparently made of feathers!). I love the artistic folds of the top, contrasted with the frothing lilac waterfall that is the bottom. Everything. I can just stare at it all day!

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