Dating before Wedding

Wedding is a moment of life for that everyone to have lots of sweet dreams and even sometimes these come true and sometimes not. Everyone make dreams for his or her life partner and he has pre image for his sweet heart in his mind and it may be based on quality, beauty or attitude.

Now time has changed today’s modern life style everyone can choose his life partner as his wish.
Dating is a relation that offers lots of moments to know more about opposite sex of person with them he or she wants to get married.

Now a days dating is on its peak. Both a boy and girl want to go on date before get married and it is a good trend that gives the chance to know hobbies and like and dislike as well as bad habits about prospective life partner.

On the other hand some boy even girls too make date relation only for fun and it can create lots of problems in their married life later. It is the biggest drawback of dating before marriage. Thus one should know importance of dating before go on date with intimate friend.

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