Amazing Unique Wedding Dresses from Barbie Bridal

The Barbie Bridal’s collection of unique wedding dresses is full of gowns of the cute, frilly and princess variety. Looking fabulous the color perfect fairytale fantasy with the mega huge fantastical giant dinosaur bow wedding dresses.

black and baby blue ruffle wedding dresses

blue and violet ruffle wedding dresses

pink and blank sequin stripes wedding dresses

blue and pink bow wedding dresses

pink and pink print ball gown dresses

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress



Floral Sweet Classic Style Wedding Cake Spring 2010

Pastel cakes with blooms suit floral sweet classic taste and contemporary style wedding cake.

Petal Perfect Wedding Cake
Petal Perfect Wedding Cake

Mod Blossoms Wedding Cake
Mod Blossoms Wedding Cake

Ladylike Layers Wedding Cake
Ladylike Layers Wedding Cake

In Bloom Wedding Cake
In Bloom Wedding Cake

Country-Club Chic Wedding Cake
Country-Club Chic Wedding Cake

Colorful Wedding Gowns From the 2010 Runways Oscar de la Renta

The Gown by Oscar de la Renta collection spring 2010. You don't have to wear white on your wedding day. That's what we think anyway, and from the looks of the collections this season, so do many top designers. And we're not talking colored sashes and floral embellishments. Instead, we saw large swaths of colored fabric playing a major role in the gown's overall design, from subtle pastel chiffons to lusciously saturated silk taffetas. Blush pink, silver, and pale blue have been bridal-friendly for a while now, but this season we were pleased to see shades of yellow, purple, and green make their debut. You'll see that some of our favorite designs are more radical than others, but even a whisper-soft wash of color can take you from looking good to looking absolutely radiant.

Green Colorful Wedding Gowns

Navy Colorful Wedding Gowns

Silver Colorful Wedding Gowns

Pink Colorful Wedding Gowns

Blue Colorful Wedding Gowns

Herbal Elegance Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas Spring 2010

An Aromatic Feast  Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas Spring 2010

Fragrant foods and lavender create a Provence-inspired wedding decoration ideas spring 2010. The reception table calls for a family gathering set amid a lush garden; lavender lifts the spirits and colors the linens and the flowers. From left: Santolina topiary in pot, lavender in pot, variety of flowers in small stoneware vases, all prices upon request, all by David Stark. Stoneware scallop-shaped dinner plates,from Juliska. Table marker and olive dish both courtesy of David Stark.

Lovely Lavender Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas Spring 2010

Sweets to Savor Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas Spring 2010
Inspired by creations from the world famous bakery Ladurée of Paris, David Stark created this cake entirely of macaroons. Monogrammed flag and vintage tablecloth both courtesy of David Stark.


Suzanne Ermann Unique Ruffles Wedding Dresses Spring 2011

The wedding dresses from Suzanne Ermann’s Mariée Couture and SE Marier collections feature a unique detail large ruffles of satin trim tulle. The ribbons used by rhythmic gymnasts got freeze framed and then wrapped artistically around the clean lines of the gowns. This short in front, long at the back dress a limp pile or retain its puffed up lightness at the detail around the waist. The ribbons used by rhythmic gymnasts got freeze framed and then wrapped artistically around the clean lines of the gowns.

Citadine and Anita Unique Ruffles Wedding Dresses

Anette and Camomille Unique Ruffles Wedding Dresses

Absolue and Atalia Unique Ruffles Wedding Dresses

Fantasia and Altesse Unique Ruffles Wedding Dresses

Avana and Anemone Unique Ruffles Wedding Dresses


Fashionable Flowers Colors of Wedding Dresses in your Bouquet

Fashionable flowers echo the colors of your dresses in your bouquet.

Best Bronzer
Cymbidium orchids, Safari roses, amaryllis, dried maidenhair ferns, anthuriums, pitcher plants and copper beech leaves in autumnal shades look perfect against the bronze sash.

Good as Gold
The gilding on the Phalaenopsis orchids and stephanotis and the color of the Sky-line and Alexandra roses are a beautiful match for the bodice of this Tomasina dress.

Blue Belles
The hydrangeas, tweedia, larkspur, thistle and dusty miller complement the light-blue.

Marvelous Mint and Purple Passion
A gown with a mint sash is a gorgeous backdrop for this nearly all-green bouquet.

Peachy Keen and Going Platinum
The crystal accents and silver brunia in this wire-wrapped bouquet of peonies, ranunculus and dusty miller pick up the hand-beading.

Romantic new Crystal Wedding Decoration

Romantic new Crystal Wedding Decoration
Romantic and very elegant. Here are some ideas I found for you in order to create an amazing crystal wedding decoration. hey are perfect for use throughout your bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and can also be placed in flower centers to give them detailed sparkle like a cut diamond. After the actual ceremony they have little need for their posies so why not put them to good use during the reception?

Sunflower Theme wedding Decor Design

Sunflower Theme wedding Decor Design
Fantastic collection of bright sunflower wedding favours will bring joy to all your guests. Following in the tradition and popularity of our Daisy Guest Soaps come our Sunflower Guest Soaps. Naturally, this means that a sunflower theme wedding is very popular with today’s bride. Sunflowers are brightly colored, warm and giving, stand tall and proud and are very comfortable with themselves. The sunflower sports vibrant yellow flower petals and a dark flower center.

White can also be a nice backdrop color for a sunflower wedding theme, and of course the more vibrant colors will leap off the white background. If that is how you choose to do it, consider a Fairy Tale Dreams, Bridal Tapestry or Classic Double Heart white wedding collection of necessities and niceties for your wedding.

Chinese Wedding Color Decorations

Chinese Wedding Color Decorations
For Chinese wedding dresses, red is normally the traditional color and white is not recommended. The red color also applies to many Asian cultures. The dress is normally red in color because red is believed to be a strong good luck color keeping away evil spirits.

A wedding is a special moment therefore the wedding gown chosen must serve to exude this importance in the entire ceremony. Every bride should ensure that the attire chosen is comfortable so that she is at ease in all the activities of that special day.

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