Sunflower Theme wedding Decor Design

Sunflower Theme wedding Decor Design
Fantastic collection of bright sunflower wedding favours will bring joy to all your guests. Following in the tradition and popularity of our Daisy Guest Soaps come our Sunflower Guest Soaps. Naturally, this means that a sunflower theme wedding is very popular with today’s bride. Sunflowers are brightly colored, warm and giving, stand tall and proud and are very comfortable with themselves. The sunflower sports vibrant yellow flower petals and a dark flower center.

White can also be a nice backdrop color for a sunflower wedding theme, and of course the more vibrant colors will leap off the white background. If that is how you choose to do it, consider a Fairy Tale Dreams, Bridal Tapestry or Classic Double Heart white wedding collection of necessities and niceties for your wedding.

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