Best Wedding Style

Best Wedding Style
The design and layering of the four different fabrics (lace, organza and two types of silk) was Ali's idea. He brought out these amazing fabrics from the back of his showroom and we decided which ones to use. He totally surprised me with the top portion of my gown. The skirt took so long to make because it required many layers of fabric. Every time I went in for a fitting, the dress was becoming more and more full! I really didn't have a clear image of the gown in my mind until about two weeks before the wedding, but all along I just trusted him and tried not to worry about how it would turn out. Finally, when it was all done, it just took my breath away. I was so happy with it because I really care about good, clean tailoring and design on the inside as well as the outside.

I just want to say that I am trully blessed and I want to thank my Lord and Saviour for given me life, friends, family, love, compassion, security, and a wonderful soul. And I pray that he will continue to take control of my life, my wedding plans, my future endeavors, my unborn children, my future husband, friends, family, and my unknown enemies. I pray that he strengthens our children that are going through the struggles of life and not having someone to love them. Lord touch their hearts so that they know that you are with them and you will never forsake them.

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