Modern Wedding Bouquets

A Fresh Approach Modern Wedding Bouquets
A Fresh Approach
A citrus green paired with snowy white makes attendants' finery really pop.

Pretty as a Peacock Modern Wedding Bouquets
Pretty as a Peacock
For a funky floral finish, choose a bouquet of hydrangeas, philodendron, and peacock.

Pomanders and Wreaths Modern Wedding Bouquets
Pomanders and Wreaths
Ball-shaped pomanders or ringlike wreaths are a fresh twist on the classic bridal bouquet.

Flower of the Moment Modern Wedding Bouquets
Flower of the Moment
It may not be as sexy as an orchid, or as classic as a pink peony, but we’ve been hearing a lot about the wonders of humble scabiosa.

Blushing Blooms Modern Wedding Bouquets
Blushing Blooms
Bouquets in subtle shades echo the delicate beauty of pastel dresses
Pair a frilly ultrafeminine bouquet of white hybrid cattleya orchids with a simple pastel yellow gown.

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