Glamorous Wedding Dresses by Amir Awad 2010

Feast your eyes on these fabulous dresses from Amir Awad 2010 bridal collection.

White Tulle Wedding Dresses with Embroidered Swarovski Crystals Leather Belt
Bridal dresses made of white tulle, corsage embroidered with swarovski crystal and a leather belt.

Mermaid White Silver Wedding Dresses with Re-embroidered
Strapless dresses, mermaid cut made of re-embroidered white and silvery lace.

White Wedding Dresses with Belt and Skirt Embroidery
White dresses of tulle embroidery with belt and skirt.

One Sleeved Wedding Dresses with Flower swarovski Crystals
One Sleeved Bridal Dresses of white flower tulle embroidered with swarovski crystals.

Jacquard Wedding Dresses with Embroidery printed Organza
A jacquard dresses with sequin embroidery full made of printed organza.

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