Gazebo Wedding Trend Decorations

Gazebo Wedding Trend Decorations
Planning a romantic outdoor wedding is always fabulous – and when there’s a gazebo involved, there is even more fun to be had! If you are planning to say your vows underneath a gazebo, you already have a great backdrop. Now it’s time to make it your own with some personalized décor!

gazebo is perfect for a sunset or evening ceremony. In case of beach weddings, you can opt for seashells and use colors of the sea (shades of bluish green and warm browns) as a part of the decoration. Choose decorative materials that will withstand the outdoor winds and harsh sunlight.

If your wedding reception is scheduled for the evening, then you can make the gazebo look really attractive with the use of lights. Dim lighting can turn any setting into a romantic one if done the appropriate way. Look for beautiful and interestingly shaped lanterns but ensure they can withstand strong gusts of wind! You can opt for a string of lights instead, which can be placed around the topside of the gazebo. Add some balloons to the corners of the gazebo.

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