The Winter Wedding Invitations

The Winter Wedding Invitations
When we think of winter, we usually think of snow, Christmas, cold weather, but we don't usually think of weddings. That's a shame because winter weddings can be very beautiful and, because it's the off-season, you'll have a better chance of booking the locations you want and on saving money with your vendors. It's a win-win situation. Let's look at some winter wedding planning ideas. For some reason, winter seems the perfect time for a formal or very formal wedding. Perhaps it's because the warmth of those formal clothes won't be so bad in the frigid weather. Whatever the reason, this is a good season for sticking with traditional invitations: creamy white or off-white paper with fancy scripts and black ink, etc.

If you want something a little different, you might change the paper color to an ice blue shade or if you're making your own invitations add a few touches of glitter around the borders or use watercolor paint to draw snowflakes on the invitations. Blue and silver or red and green make lovely color combinations for this time of year. Of course, you could also have your invitations designed to look like snowflakes or include small amounts of snowflake-shaped confetti in each envelope.

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