The Winter Wedding Favor

The Winter Wedding Favor
This winter wedding favor idea is so warm and cozy and friendly. What a nice way to say "thanks" to your guests! There is nothing better than a big warm mug of hot cocoa when it is cold outside to warm your spirits.

These winter wedding favors will add a special touch to your snowy wedding. Add some nowflake decor to your wedding reception tables and watch the winter time come to life. So go ahead browse around we add more winter wedding favors all the time so check back.

For this winter wedding favor idea you can buy pre-mixed hot cocoa powder or you can buy the bulk materials to make your own. It is cheaper to make your own mix, and more personal too! Search online for unique hot cocoa mix recipes, variations include adding cinammon, red pepper, more or less sugar/salt, vanilla and peppermint! I have enjoyed this cocoa in a jar recipe, but there are many variations to pick from! Or, make up your own! Make sure you write on your tag if it is to be mixed with water or milk as recipes vary depending on ingredients.

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