Wedding Tips Pictures

Wedding Tips Pictures
They are also the 3 most likely places you are going to overspend. Don't get me wrong, these things are going to cost you, but they don't have to send you broke if you know what you're doing.

The help you stick to your wedding budget, there are also 3 main areas that brides often opt in for a little DIY:
Printed wedding invitations usually cost between $4 - $15 each. When you add the Envelopes, Reply cards, Table settings and Thank you notes, the cost can get up to $20 a head. If you're having 50 people at your wedding that's nearly US$1000 blown before you even know if the guests are going to turn up!
DIY Wedding Invitations usually cost around $1.50 each and another $2 to $5 for the envelopes and reply cards etc...That's a 50% savings right there, all for using your imagination...(and little help from your DIY Wedding Tips friends).
DIY Wedding Favors should be simple but classy. And remember ... class has nothing to do with price. You can create beautiful wedding favors at a fraction of the cost with the right tips and instruction.

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