Unique Color Japanese Wedding Kimono by Scena D’uno

The beautiful colors and textures bridal kimono from Scena D’uno wasou collection are sure to inspire any bride looking for a bit of eastern flair for their wedding day.

taiko musubi apanese Wedding Kimono
Back view of gold obi sash showing a version of the drum knot or taiko musubi accented with pink and red roses to match the motif on the dress.

Kudasai Japanese Wedding Kimono with 3D flower detail
Styles with 3D flower detail. I want the one on the left, kudasai. Love the luscious shade of burgundy.

Pretty pink peonies Japanese Wedding Kimono
Pretty pink peonies. So kawaii it could well be part of a furisode kimono line for younger ladies.

musubi pink Japanese Wedding Kimono
Back of the same pink dress showing an ornately-fashioned knot or musubi. A similar design in light blue is equally sweet.

wataboshi traditional Japanese Wedding Kimono
This hooded head piece called wataboshi is also used in traditional Japanese ceremonies.

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