Unique Celebrity Wedding Cakes Part. 2

Joely Fisher & Christopher Duddy Wedding Cake
Joely Fisher & Christopher Duddy
Fisher let guests fuel up on a tower of cupcakes post-ceremony before departing for a New Year's Eve party at Nikki Beach, where a formal wedding cake awaited.

 Marcia Cross & Tom Mahone Wedding Cake
Marcia Cross & Tom Mahoney
To choose her cake, Cross invited pals to a tasting at the Layers Cake Design Studio in Sherman Oaks, California. Each picked a favorite flavor.

 Shea Curry & Justin Levy Wedding Cake
Shea Curry & Justin Levy
Each tier of Curry's Cake Divas confection featured a different floral motif to match the table decor.

 Sam Huntington & Rachel Klein Wedding Cake
Sam Huntington & Rachel Klein
Layers of lemon pound cake, chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake were iced with buttercream frosting and topped with fresh flowers for Huntington's hometown wedding.

 Jimmie Johnson & Chandra Janway Wedding Cake
Jimmie Johnson & Chandra Janway
Janway's breathtaking five-tier cake was by Maya's of St. Barts, with sugar flowers by Sylvia Weinstock of N.Y.C.

Source: www.instyleweddings.com

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