All of White Wedding Gown

All of White Wedding Gown

This week, we have discussed skin care, make-up, and hair. Today, we will finish beauty week by talking about body types and how to find the right gown. First you must know what body shape you have. A pear is small on top and wider around the hips and bottom. The triangle shape is wide in the top and smaller on bottom. The hourglass is a large bust, small waist, large hips. Finally the willow is basically slim all the way down with little curve.

The four major dress silhouettes are full skirt (ballroom), A line (princess), sheath and mermaid. Full skirst and A lines are very helpful in hiding flaws. The form fitting bodice shows off everything you’re proud of and the way the fabric flows off the waist covers the hips and makes the waist appear smaller. Sheath and mermaid dresses are good for those who have nothing to hide. They are very form-fitting all the way down. The mermaid has a flare below the knees, like a mermaid tail.

If you are a willow, you might look fabulous in a sheath dress. The tightness puts emphasis on what curves you have, creating the illusion that they are bigger. Women with large busts should avoid sweetheart (looks like the top of a heart) and strapless necklines. On the other hand, if you have a smaller bust, a sweetheart will give you a visual boost. Large shoulders also need to steer clear of halters, as they will make your shoulders look even wider. A particularly tall bride might want to go for a dress with just below the knee length or two pieces.

When you are looking for a dress, consider what kind of wedding you will be having. My husband and I are swing dancing fanatics, so I knew I would be doing some of that at my reception. So, I got a swishy chiffon dress that flowed well as I moved. My husband even lifted me upside down in the air and my dress didn’t fall down to show too much. Morning weddings are generally slightly less formal than night weddings and you should choose your gown accordingly.

The best advice I can tell you is to watch the reactions of people when you walk out of the fitting room. That includes the people you’re with, as well as other women in the store. If you get a double-take or ooohs and aaaahhs, you know it’s a good fit. Happy shopping!

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